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I haven't reviewed for a while, but a friend asked

the intro was absolute "wow this is so cool and dramatic" shit, and i hated it. It was like the Hellsing intro, except terrible and trying too hard.

the voice acting was ok, and i liked the tomamoto bit. the humor was so shitty, like a 12 year old's. "woo you have KRABS!" "let's get baked! (and then let's apologize for the shitty joke so the audience doesn't hate us!)"

the narration was so generic ("and i mean she's good at EVERYTHING")

overall, the whole thing was generic and unappealing. and the art and animation REALLY detracted from it. It's like every character had 25 faces because the author made them devoid of any features AND had shitty art that made a person look fat in one frame and skinny in another.

Good job, but some things bothered me

I liked how this flash was done, but there are some quirks that really bother me with their inconsistency.

For instance, most of the frame by frame people were really sketchy and it contrasted really badly with the crisp, vectory nature of the rest of the flash. And the first time a person shows up who says "doo doo doo" or something seems to have only been put there to make the flash look a bit more strange/trippy, to a bad effect. And that one time when Chinese characters float down the screen really bothered me, because they were just there. It would have been better if the characters were eased in, one by one, falling on top of eachother, not just a solid block tweening around just to look exotic.

Other than that, it was really nicely done, with a few things to iron out.

It's okay.

The flash itself was very boring. The music was just there. You should've chose a song with more percussion. Also, the animation was kinda awkward. The inbetweens you drew were very wobbly and hard to look at. the grammatical errors were also annoying, you should've gotten rid of the subtitles completely. All in all, it's an okay flash, but not deserving of a daily.

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gameplay gets a bit dull, but great character

The gameplay gets boring really quickly, but I really like how you made St. Pattack. He felt like a character that was both heavy and nimble, which was a combination that I had never seen in a game before. That made the game a lot more enjoyable.

Not very creative.

This wasn't very creative. The graphics were all pixely and it's just a generic shooter.

BasV responds:

Well I'm just glad most people around here enjoy the gameplay a lot. I'm not a graphical artist. I don't know what you mean by pixely graphics, it's flash, and most of it is rendered (so no bitmap pixels). You probably set your quality too low. Try setting it to at least medium!

Not very creative

The pico thing has been done forever. It gets old.

PivotGames responds:

Maybe, just <maybe> you should read something, anything before playing a game. This game was made for .... Pico day. Are you suggesting we made a game that's not about pico?

I'm glad we had this little chat.

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I like the chiptune combo. nicely done.

I love stuff like this

ear candy

i don't know what you did

but the scale combined with a dancy theme or something is just outrageous

Cool song.

It definitely does not deserve such a shitty music video. I also like how the drums sounded nice and 8bit as well, most people leave that out.

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that's so lame

The art is shitty and so is the joke.

Not cute, sexy, or whatever you were trying to do.

Seeing as you tagged this under "anime girl boobs", I assume that you were trying to make it look sexy. Well, it's not. Frankly, it looks chubby, ugly, and annoying.

Clovis15 responds:

No, I tagged it based on what terms I knew people would actually be searching for. If I know of better tags that count for this image, I'd use those instead. However, tagging 'gun' doesn't really do any good for anyone, does it?

Really cool!

I like the glowy vibe you put on it. My only problem is that the texture or whatever you used on the sun looks way too filtered and cheesy. Other than that, it's great.

MeMB responds:

Yes, you're right. The sun relies heavily on filters. But like I said, this is really old. My next piece will be much better with much less filters! :)

Thanks for the review!


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